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Genetics Technolgies International Africa ltd

Genetics Technologies International Ltd (GTIL) is a privately Company that was incorporated in Kenya under CAP 489 of the Laws of Kenya in 1995. The company specializes in Micro – propagation of disease and pest free planting materials through Tissue Culture (TC),Hydroponics,Apical cuttings and Aeroponics Technologies. The Vision of the company is to maintain the leading position as a credible Tissue Culture Laboratory in the region. The Mission of the company is to produce and supply clean, superior and healthy planting materials to the farming community to enhance sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Economic growth. Genetics Technologies International Limited has demonstrated competency in promoting adoption of better agricultural technologies by being one of the leading suppliers of high quality seedlings for crops such as bananas, cassava, sweet and Irish potato produced through tissue culture (TC) technology. Tissue culture technology has enjoyed warm reception over the years among farmers because it ensures timely and adequate availability of disease-free planting materials. This enables them to get higher yields and hence incomes.

Local, regional and International organizations have cordial working relationships with GTIL, consequently accelerating dissemination of quality seedlings to farmers. For instance, GTIL successfully partnered with ISAAA in introducing Tissue-culture Banana seedlings in Kenya and Tanzania. This project was widely adopted by farmers and has been recognized worldwide with various awards. They include the First Place Medal of the prestigious Global Development Network (GND) of Science and Technology for Development, an initiative of the World Bank and the Japanese Government.


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“The generation that destroys the environment is not the generation that pays the price. That is the problem.” .”

― Wangari Maathai, Unbowed: A Memoir

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