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GTIL is a company founded in Africa to revitalise the business sector for Africa and the wider world through its vigorous Finance Re-engineering Programs, Commercial Agency and Brokerage on Trade Products and Financing with entities from different parts of the world.

The advent of our Company presents a game-changing moment for all our clients all over the world. Because we took out time to study the market with high passion to know what exactly our clients would need in challenging the market or economic barriers hampering their desired growth. We have designed our products and services to capture areas that are very essential for value-adding assurance for our clients and visitors. These services are in fact second to none.

We are pleased to say that our services provide a unique cut for all aspiring successful businesses and individuals alike. Our status of “uniqueness” is here to stay for our research and development team have braced up to safe-guard our promise of continuous “review” and “enhancement” plans for our clients’ everyday satisfaction.

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